Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance Science is published by the Islamic Banking Study Program, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Datokarama State Islamic University Palu.

JIPSYA is published 2 times a year in June and December

ISSN Online : 2686-6625

ISSN Print : 2963-3524


Focus and Scope

Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance welcomes contributions from students, academicians, researchers and practicioners to communicate original research and current issues in relation to improvement of Islamic Banking, among them are:

  • Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Bank Information System
  • Islamic Bank Audit
  • Islamic Bank Management
  • Islamic Banking Risk Management
  • Islamic Banking Marketing Management
  • Islamic Bank Liquidity Management
  • Ethics of Islamic Banking
  • Accounting for Islamic Bank
  • Legal drafting of Islamic Bank
  • Analysis of Islamic Bank Financial Report
  • Zakat, waqf, and philanthropy,
  • Islamic finance management,
  • Islamic human resource management
  • Islamic e-business
  • Others